Apple has released a fix for LTE connectivity issues with new Apple Watch

Joanna Stern reviewed the Apple Watch Series 3 for the WSJ, her front-page was “Apple Watch Series 3 Review: released… and Unreliable.” In some cases, the Apple Watch had troubleshooting when connecting to  the LTE networks. It turns out to be a software bug as Apple has now allot a watch-OS update that fixes LTE troubleshooting problem.
The release report of watch-OS 4.0.1 are quite candid: “watch-OS 4.0.1 fixes problem that in rare cases were causing Apple Watch to join invalidated (captive) Wi-Fi networks, like those found in public places like coffee shops and library, which direct the user to a webpage before the network can be  granted access,” Apple wrote.
While the WSJ could repeat the bug with three different watches on two different haulers, it took Apple few days to identify the bug. Apple then admitted that there was a software bug and that it was not that serious. There is no need to replace your Apple Watch.
So if you have an Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE connectivity, Go to the Watch app on your iPhone. Tap ‘General’ then ‘Software Update’ to download and install the patch. watch OS updates use to require time, so make sure you have a charger and enough time on your hands.

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